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The Geek Preacher

Now, you ask, who is the geekpreacher? Well, the geekpreacher is Derek W. White who serves as a Full Time Local Pastor within the United Methodist Church in the Memphis Annual Conference while also finishing his Master's of Divinity at Memphis Theological Seminary. He also has served as a minister with a variety of other denominations since 1991. If you ask him whether he is Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal or Catholic, he will most likely answer, "I'm a Christian."

Where geekiness is concerned, he's pretty much been a geek from his earliest years. Comic books were the beginning, seeing Star Wars in the theater as young boy, learning to play D&D in the early 80s, seeing the rise of video games along with a passion for science fiction, fantasy, theology, history and a wide range of other topics has pretty much made him the epitome of a geek.

Contrary to popular belief, geeks also marry and have families. Pastor Derek has been married to his wife Jennifer since 1993 and has two children, a dog and too many books.

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Windsong Levitch

Windsong is an Ojibwa Native American. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mythology, a Master’s in Shakespearian Literature, a Master’s in Elizabethan English, and is a Doctor of Zoology.

Retired for many years, she began writing again. She has been writing since her early teens and is now seeing her lifetime of writing come to effluence. Windsong has traveled extensively, and she speaks many languages. Windsong’s first book came out in the spring of 2009 titled “The Lighter Side of Dark” containing gothic and fantasy poems as well as short stories. Windsong also has a poem in Dragons Composed an Anthology. The poem is titled “A Funeral for a Dragon”.

She and her husband currently live in the Memphis area with their many cats. As a polio survivor, she has accomplished a great deal, but if you ask Windsong what she feels is her greatest accomplishment she will simply smile and say “I am a wife, mother and grandmother. What more can you ask for?”


Lou Zocchi

Lou Zocchi is a legend in the gaming industry.   In addition to inventing the one hundred sided die, he also designed such classic games as Luftwaffe, Battle of Brittan, and Star Fleet Battle Manual.   Lou will be the first to tell you that not all dice roll the same, which is why he started GameScience to create precision dice.

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