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GameCon Memphis Update


GameCon VII Canceled  -  News of the Bad, Sad, and Good Sorts.


First comes the bad news:

This year's GameCon Memphis has been canceled. There are numerous reasons for this (our hotel is undergoing renovations, several key people moved binary market trading out of state and left the organization, etc.). Individually the obstacles could have been surmounted, but together, we were left with no other choice but to cancel the convention.


Next is the sad news:

GameCon Memphis 2012 was the last one: the convention itself is ending.  So many people contributed their time and energy over the past six years to make GameCon Memphis happen and deserve high praises and appreciation (putting on a convention is an extremely difficult task). We wholeheartedly send them our gratitude. We would also want to thank everyone who attended the Con; without you, none of this would have ever been possible.



Now some good news:

To fill the void, a few of us have joined forces with other Memphis area gamers to form a new non-profit gaming convention that will premiere in the fall of 2014. To help get things rolling, there will be several fundraisers including a one day gaming event this October. We hope to be able to bring back a large three day gaming convention to Memphis as soon as it is possible and will post the details of the events and fundraisers here when they become available.
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Your friends at GameCon Memphis



2012 Wrap Up


From all of us at GameCon Memphis, thank you for coming out to our convention.  Hopefully, you enjoyed it as we much as we did.  Congratulations to all our tournament winners. Also, many thanks to our gaming guest of honor Steve Johannson for coming out, and maybe we will get the recipe from Shorty for the blue stuff and send it your way!  To all of our GMs and volunteers, thank you for all the time and effort you put in to make this Con run smoothly.   Please remember to visit our sponsors and vendors.
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We welcome all input and feedback regarding all aspects of the conventions.  Please send these to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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