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2011 Wrap Up

It is hard to fathom that the con is already in the books. It's equally difficult to grasp the total amount of fun that was had by everyone. I saw some people I swear were incapable of expressing enjoyment with a wide smile across their face.

For those of you that didn't make it to the con, I am truly sorry that you missed another great time. We expanded the library to just over 500 games and the number of games checked out this year easily surpassed the last two years combined. Somehow we managed to squeeze into a single weekend over five hundred hours of scheduled gaming and we had a bunch of open gaming going on as well. Every time I stopped in the console room there was quite a bit going on and the Minecraft in the lan party was fun to watch. The only quiet place I could find in the entire con was the movie room... (well, the people watching were quiet). There was gaming at all hours and too many games of "Are You A Werewolf?" to count.

How many of you got a chance to try out the pre-Essen releases offered to us by Right Games? I know I personally demonstrated the games to several of you. Everyone that played Evolution: The Origin of the Species and Potion Making Practice really enjoyed them. Kingdoms of Crusades and The Enigma of Leonardo were also well received.

Congratulations to the winners of our tournaments, I hope you enjoy the spoils of your victories. To those of you that didn't win, start practicing for next year!

I would like to personally thank everyone who came out to the convention. It was a great time. And a very big thank you to all of our GMs and volunteers. Without you we couldn't do this convention.

A special thanks goes out to our top sponsors: Urban Vikings, Games by Gamers, HobbyTown USA, and Gamerz Depot. Other sponsors include: Kenzer & Company, AEG, Rio Grande Games, Out of the Box, Pinnacle Games, Mongoose Publishing, Buffalo Games, Twilight Games, Steve Jackson Games, Days of Wonder, and Right Games. And I cannot forget to thank our remaining dealers, Greater Memphis Magic Arena, Lou Zocchi, Windsong Levitch, Paradox Retro and Brix-n-Clix. Their support helps make GameCon Memphis a reality each year, and I would ask you to help out by supporting them.

As we prepare for GameCon Memphis VI we invite you to share your input. You can help us by filling out a short survey located here. (fill it out by Oct 9th, and you may win free admission to the next con) and by attending our public con com meetings. The next one is this Sunday (October 9th) at 5:30PM at the Macon Road campus of Southwest Tennessee Community College in room 1106 (the rest of the schedule is on the website) Feel free to send us any input you may have by email as well to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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2010 Wrap Up

It seems like we just finished up 2009. And now GameCon Memphis 2010 is over. Where did the time go? This past convention was exhilarating and exhausting and I wouldn't change a thing! Ok, so maybe I would change a few things like changing direction a turn sooner in the game of Asteroyds or making sure Nathan got lynched the turn before he and his werewolf brethren had me for a late night snack!

If you missed the con this year, you missed out on a great convention and our great guests. There were over 400 games in the game library, an increased number of RPG games, fantastic LARP events run by lostgamers Productions, a Magic: The Gathering release event, and more miniatures gaming than ever before! This year's Chicago Toy & Game Fair / Rio Grande Games board game design contest was very successful with nearly twenty games submitted before the deadline. We added two additional ballrooms to handle all of the fun and even then a bit of it spilled out into the hotels Garden Court. All told there were more than 150 scheduled games and events this year!

Jay Tummelson was unlike anything I expected. His insight into the gaming industry, conventions, and local game stores was intriguing and worth the time to sit down and talk with him. Lou Zocchi was highly entertaining with his tales of industry information and discussions about the inequalities of our dice. And Russ Rupe and Tony Ripley had unique perspectives that made for a very interesting panel with the four of them. It will be challenging to top that group of guests, but we are already hard at work finding the next group of guests.

The players in the Dominion tournament were surprised by the addition of Prosperity. And further surprised when they learned that the cards used were hand selected by Jay Tummelson himself. The final surprise came when each player got to take home a FULL set of the Dominion promo cards just for playing.

Congratulations to Rick Goodman for winning the Chicago Toy and Game Fair / Rio Grande Games Board game Design Contest with his game Kings of England. He is on his way to Chicago to pitch the game to Jay Tummelson with a chance to get published! I know that he wanted me to return the prototype, but I'm thinking about keeping it in my collection, do you think he'll notice?

If I didn't say this enough during the convention, thank you to everyone who came out to GameCon Memphis 2010. And a very big thank you to all of our GMs and Volunteers, I believe we owe you some pizza!

A special thanks goes out to our top sponsors: Gamerz Depot, who always goes out of their way to help us out and to grow gaming the in the area, and Games Workshop, who recently reopened the Battle Bunker in Memphis and ran some well loved painting demos and demonstrated 40K at the con. Our other sponsors were: Kenzer & Company, HobbyTown USA (Memphis), Alderic Entertainment Group, GMT Games, Conquest Gaming, Flying Buffalo,, APE Games, Out of the Box, North Star Games, & Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

And now we are looking forward to 2011! If you want to be amongst the first to know about GameCon Memphis 2011 sign up for the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or friend us on Facebook. See you at the game table!



2009 Wrap Up

When we decided to make the leap from a one day convention to a three day convention, we were quite nervous. Was the leap too large? Could we overcome all of the logistics involved? Hundreds of doubts lumbered around our heads. But we never questioned our resolve. And what do you know? GameCon Memphis 2009 was a huge success! We owe that success to our outstanding volunteers and the many wonderful people who traveled from across the country to attend!

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