Citing shifting business priorities and a focus on reaching out to new customers and new marketplaces, Rio Grande Games has decided not to continue sponsoring the contest.  We are continuing to research the possibility of continuing the contest.  However, with the current state of the boardgame industry the possibility of a publishing commitment is slim.

We remain committed to the game designers who have supported us in the past and will continue to look for ways to support them.   We believe that a game convention is an outstanding vehicle for playtesting and refining prototype games.  And we hope that all of the designers who have had the opportunity to participate in this contest have gotten valuable feedback about their designs.

We also want to thank Jay Tummelson for his support of the Chicago Toy & Game Fair design contest and the opportunity that he extended to the entire design community and the numerous games that he has committed to publish as a result of this wonderful contest.


If you wish to reminese, here is a taste of what was as at GameCon Memphis IV!

***2011 Winner***

Kings of England

by Rick Goodman

***2011 Runner Up***

Ops Mundi

by Jason Roth

***2011 Runner Up***


by Caleb Frazier
& Todd Plesniak

***2011 Runner Up***


by Dave Dobson

Fool's Fortune

by Jason Cannoncro
& Justin Pilla

Withdrawn from the competition by
the designers and taken back to RGG
HQ by Jay Tummelson!

Robots & Infantry

by John Anthony Richert

A special mention to this game by
our youngest designer. He shows alot
of promise with this blend of ASL
and Battletech.


by Chris McFadden


by Jason Cannoncro
& Justin Pilla


by Brian Williams


by Jason Poyfair


by Jason Poyfair


 Exile Sun

by Eric Martin


 Sands of Time

by Jeff Warrender


 First in Class

by Doug Snyder

All photos are the property of the designers and used with permission.